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Libera IT – Case Study

The Brief

Chris came to us wanting a modern representation of Libera IT – a specialist ERP consultancy. As a relatively new business, it was important to Chris that the website was online quickly and that it looked the part.

The Planning Stage

Before we start any new project, our team works with the client to complete a questionnaire. The questions are designed to give us a good understanding of the task at hand but also to help form a comprehensive marketing plan for the site.

Every client is different so it’s very important that this step is not missed.

What we did

We worked with Chris to create a clean, easy to navigate and easy to maintain website.

From the start, we wanted to make sure everything was taken care of.

We set up the hosting, redirected the domain, added an SSL certificate, wrote the copy, designed the website, sourced stock images and put everything together.

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